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Reminder of Community Info - Society of the Onyx Star - Unofficial Blog

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December 7th, 2005

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12:44 pm - Reminder of Community Info
I've noticed recently that there's been an influx of interest in this community, reflected by numerous membership applications by non SOTOS members.

As of this writing, membership in this community is reserved for SOTOS members. Up to this point, I have been rejecting membership applications from people that I have not recognized. I'm not sure what the other maintainers of this community have been doing, if anything at all.

That said, I feel it is unfortunate that all of this potential is going to waste. I think this positive flow of energy could be better redirected. I'm going to try out a "membership application" entry on this community. That way, anybody who's interested in becoming a member of this community can state their intentions and possibly let the rest of us know if they are a SOTOS member, instead of maintainers relying on familiarity in a username.

Does this mean membership is going to open up to non-members? Who knows?

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